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Why Isn’t Proposition 9 On The California Election Ballot?

October 8, 2018

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Chances are you’ve probably noticed Proposition 9 isn’t on your ballot.

Proposition 9 had qualified for the ballot as a measure that called for splitting California into three different states proposed by venture capitalist Tim Draper. He tried to split the state in six pieces in 2016, but that measure never made the ballot.

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But as you might expect, it turns out splitting a state into three pieces isn’t as simple as getting a bunch of people to sign a petition. Between the logistical issues of land, water, and political representation, there were many red flags that stood in the way of the measure succeeding, even with voter approval.

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A challenge from the Planning and Conservation League, an environmental group, went before the California Supreme Court and the court ordered the secretary of state not to put the initiative on the ballot.

Three weeks later, Draper dropped the measure saying the decision by the court “has effectively put an end to this movement.”

This story originally appeared on CBS Sacramento on Oct. 8, 2018.