CBS Sacramento

Concerned Citizen Brings Possible Pipe Bomb To Butte County Jail

May 8, 2016

OROVILLE (CBS13) — The Butte County Sheriff’s Office has a simple message for residents: If you think you see a bomb, don’t drive it to us, just call.

A resident came to the Butte County Jail to inform deputies he had found what he thought was a pipe bomb outside his home. Rather than leaving the device in place and calling 911, the unidentified resident instead packed the cylindrical device into his vehicle and drove it to the jail for further inspection.

Upon hearing the device was outside, deputies say the vehicle was moved to an open lot, away from buildings, people and vehicles.

The device was described as cylindrical with characteristics similar to a possible improvised explosive device, which brought the attention of the bomb squad. The device was “rendered safe”

Visiting hours for anyone hoping to see their mother at the jail, or for mothers visiting their children on Mother’s Day were suspended until the device was rendered safe.

Investigators are looking into how the device arrived on the man’s property, and anyone with leads is urged to contact the Butte County Sheriff’s Department.

This story originally appeared on CBS Sacramento on May 8, 2016.