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Microsoft getting Angry Birds while Angry Birds gets unity

April 14, 2011

Microsoft announced part of its next mobile operating system called Mango. It’s promising a few things that have been in other operating systems, like background processing where apps can run simultaneously.

Of course the biggest news for Microsoft on the mobile front is Angry Birds is finally coming to the operating system. Why is this big news? It’s the fulfillment of Microsoft’s “promise” (read:assumption) at the release of Windows Phone 7 System Phone 7 Phone Phone Windows when it said Angry Birds was on its way to the operating system – without informing the developer.

Since I’m already talking Angry Birds, a message on the Rovio Twitter feed revealed the prospect of score syncing between versions of the game. You can carry your stars between your iPhone, iPad,  Mac and perhaps beyond. Could it possibly have something to do with startup company FTW who is promising the same thing for developers? Stay tuned