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Want to get an HP dv7 for under $700 in a Best Buy? Good luck

July 16, 2009

I got a kick out of seeing a Microsoft executive touting his claim that Apple’s legal team insisted they pull down some of its laptop hunter ads because Apple dropped some of its prices.

Why? Because I haven’t had a chance to enjoy tearing some poor argument to pieces in awhile.

As the author of this story was one of the few to point out, this came from a Microsoft executive – the COO, no less – so that should automatically raise red flags, but I’ll gloss past that point.

These unscripted ads as Microsoft calls them — which is adspeak for “hire actors, give them a scenario and let them make it up as they go along — have suffered from a few flaws along the way. It starts with Lauren entering and exiting an Apple Store in the blink of an eye (note the bald guy in the dark jacket who is walking in both shots) and extends to the latest ads.

This new set of actors walks into a Best Buy – as the rest of the hunters do – and eventually walk out with an HP – as the rest of the hunters do. Sorta nice of Microsoft to give Best Buy and HP a plug like that in every ad I guess.

But those two pieces of information are very valuable, especially when you search for the HP dv7 that’s under $700 at a Best Buy.

You know, the one that doesn’t exist:

Now you might be saying, “Kyle you’re a moron, this laptop is clearly under $700.” But to that I say look again and check the fine print. This is an Outlet Only model meaning good luck finding it anywhere other than online.

In other words, they magically walked into a Best Buy, found a refurbished laptop that just happened to be cheap enough and was ready for them.

Or they just ran an ad promoting a machine you can’t walk into a Best Buy and get.