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Of football, filtering and bongs

July 16, 2009

It’s a small paper today so I’ll be focusing on one of my ongoing projects: Slashing the hell out of my bookmarks folder until it’s not bursting at the sames. Amazingly enough though, Safari 4 hasn’t given me any problems when it comes to opening 300 tabs at the same time. Granted they’re all news stories but all it takes is one Flash ad to bring the whole thing down.

Now if the San Francisco 49ers’ Patrick Willis brings down the San Diego Superchargers’ LaDanian Tomlinson after a 5-yard gain, does the NFL own that tackle? Not the video of it, but the statistics behind it. Yahoo is arguing names and stats aren’t copyrightable and they don’t need to pay licensing fees to the NFL.

By the way, if you want to find out when new posts show up on the site, don’t forget to follow me on twitter at I promise I won’t compare the boldness of my posts to the Iranian election protests,which might put me out of the running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Speaking of Iran, it’s interesting to take a look back at what different sites were doing to help fan the flames of protest and the creativity of citizens to skip around the filters meant to squash dissent and poke holes in the Iranian firewall.

But by far my favorite story from the Iranian election has to be Channel Two playing a “Lord of the Rings” marathon to quell protests. Yes, nothing about a movie where the little man literally climbs up and spits in the oppressive eye of authority to stop people from protesting. Someone obviously saw the run time and not the movie.

Now for a Bing break, including 25 searches to try, sex blocking, and why Microsoft rebranded its search product.

And we’re back to the grand world of censoring the Internet with the grandaddy of suppressing dissent and information — China. The great holder of U.S. debt has decided that pornographic material shouldn’t be accessible from Google. In related news, Mr. Burns has decided to separate himself from germs.

Am I being too hard on China? Maybe, but then again when you’re looking to install filtering software whose code has been leaked, has had its security ripped by numerous experts and even has an exploit ready in the wild, you deserve it.

Rumors about the iPhone hitting China are heating up as Apple seems to be closer to an official release, but until then, there’s always a good fake.

And finally, even though Father’s Day is well past us,gift guides are still fun to look at, especially when there’s a $1,000 swiss army knife and a bong building book involved.