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Saturday needs some tech news too

May 29, 2009

This week the first software patent was granted 28 years ago. Sounds like a good reason to bring about some more news stories, right?

The RIAA has someone tearing into their blanket of lawsuits: Harvard Law School. If you want a great example of what a load of crap copy protection and copyright is, look at all these countries thatdon’t have access to the iTunes Store. Oh and the MPAA says fair use only exists if they don’t put any protection on their content.

Apple is getting a tax break from North Carolina for a server farm. Is the tobacco industry really doing that badly right now? “The New Yorker’s” cover was made on an iPhone. Check out the video with the story. Oh and if you have nothing better to do this weekend, try out The Sims 3 at an Apple Store near you (closest one is Arden Fair Mall).

The Metroid Prime trilogy is coming on one disc to the Wii in August. There goes my spending money. Speaking of me going broke, the Canon 5D Mark II has manual video controls. Of course all my money will disappear with a Value Added Tax thats been proposed.

A new online game from the California Nurses Association has a game explaininghow a single-payer health care system works. Video games and health care. I know, I’m just as excited to play it as you.

Remember when I talked about the FAA being hacked? There’s a lot of data to deal with in the skies. How can it be managed? Find out here.

Digg is pushing the Governator on pot. Speaking of robots, Android 1.5 is out for T-Mobile phones.

A Chinese blogger won a censorship suit against his ISP. There’s a sentence you may only see once a decade

Since everyone has a qualm with Obama’s Supreme Court pick Sonia Sotomayor, why not add in the video game industry.

Color coded fire can help relay messages.

Wiretapping is back in the news as the Obama Administration had until yesterday to convince a judge not to levy sanctions.

Oh and Silverlight 3 is out soon. Another piece of software to clog up your Web browser…

Almost got the bookmarks cleaned out. Hooray!