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Circuit City is back with some zombie magic

May 23, 2009

Electronics retailer Circuit City is back — sort of. Don’t run down to Roseville or up to Chico looking for the doors to open because they’re still locked and if you do happen to get inside, the cops will probably bust you for trespassing.

The only part of Circuit City that’s back is its Web site. That now falls under a new lord and mastermind Systemax. Well that sounds a little cynical. I’m sure they’ll actually do just fine.

The site has the same look and basic stylesheet of Circuit City down to the logo with a few revisions. I’m pretty much wait and see on how this will turn out for the moment, but it’s nice to see the brand resurrected somehow — even if it does have a sort of zombie feel.

By the way, I’m throwing in the e-mail I got this morning to give a few more details. Be warned, the links don’t actually work since it was a complicated mashup of images instead of text.