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No more ‘Days in Fallujah’

April 28, 2009

Game-maker Konami announced it has put the kibosh on an Iraq War game called “Six Days in Fallujah” less than a month after officially announcing the title.

The game was supposed to be set from the perspective of a Marine during the second battle of Fallujah in 2004 (by the way, Fallujah is in Iraq). It caught all sorts of hell-spawned rage from veterans groups who were understandably upset that less than five years after a battle and while the war is still going on, a game was being made about it.

Whether or not the game would have been able to properly tell the story of the battle likely won’t be answered, but a posting on Game Politics brought up an interesting tidbit about the inception of the game.

The Los Angeles Times reported in its tech blog that the idea for the game originally came from U.S. Marines returning from Iraq. But gaming Web site has a post up claiming trademarks for “Six Days in Fallujah” were filed as early as February 2005.

This doesn’t smell like another Eric Slater -esque story from the Times, rather the creators of the game might have embellished on where the idea came from as a form of CYA for the outcry against the game.