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Anti-crime night

August 5, 2007

Yuba and Sutter county residents are flipping on the lights Tuesday night for block parties to let criminals know their neighborhoods aren’t going to let crime happen.

Law enforcement officials from both counties will be going to about 20 gatherings for National Night Out. The national event focuses on community awareness to prevent crimes. People can do something as simple as leave their lights on or sit on their porches.

In the 23 years National Night Out has existed, it’s evolved into the block parties that will attract hundreds of people in Plumas Lake and East Linda.

Sutter County Sheriff Jim Denney and Undersheriff J. Paul Parker will be going from party to party to meet people in the area. Also going around the county will be the SWAT team, helicopters and police dogs. The goal is to introduce people to the officers and methods that help keep them safe, Capt. David Samson said.

“People have misconceptions about K-9 units,” Samson said. “These dogs know the difference between work and play.”

Yuba County officers will also be on the streets meeting with people at parties across the county.

Lt. Damon Gil said this is a chance the Sheriff’s Department looks forward to every year.

“It’s our chance to get out and have some nonalcoholic drinks with them,” Gil said.

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