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Pizza Manager Drives 225 Miles To Deliver Man’s Dying Wish

October 18, 2018

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA (CBS13) — A pizza restaurant manager went above and beyond to bring one last pizza to a dying fan.

Rich and Julie Morgan planned a weekend getaway for Julie’s birthday to enjoy a pizza in Battle Creek, Michigan. It wasn’t just any pizza, it was Steve’s Pizza, and they hadn’t had it since they moved 25 years ago.

But those plans were dashed when Rich fell ill and was diagnosed with a cancer in its late stages.

Rich ended up in hospice care, living out his last days with friends and family. Rich’s father-in-law made a call to Steve’s Pizza to let them know about Rich and see if they could send him a card to lift his spirits.

The manager, Dalton Shaffer, wasn’t going to send a card. Instead, he asked what kind of pizza Rich liked and said he would deliver it personally after his shift.

This sticks out for two reasons:

  1. Steve’s Pizza doesn’t do deliveries.
  2. Rich was in Indianapolis, about 225 miles away from Battle Creek.

But he told WXMI the three-hour drive across state lines was something he had to do.

And he arrived at 2:30 a.m, pizzas in hand—one with pepperoni, the other with pepperoni and mushrooms

This story originally appeared on CBS Sacramento on Oct. 18, 2018