CBS Sacramento

Police: Butt-Crack Bandit Caught On Camera Stealing Plants In Turlock

June 6, 2016

TURLOCK (CBS13) — Police are looking for a man they say was caught on camera stealing plants on Wednesday from a Turlock restaurant.

Surveillance video from Cotta’s Kitchen shows the man probably could have used a better-fitting pair of shorts, or maybe a different belt.

The video shows the man walking up to the restaurant without a shirt on, but with wheelbarrow in tow. As he positions the wheelbarrow by the doors, he bends over with his back to the camera and puts his plumber impersonation on full display.

He walks away briefly, with the north end of where the good lord split him exposed. Perhaps he felt the draft or was looking for a good disguise—either way he returned to the scene wearing a shirt. After apparently finishing a phone call, he loads the potted plants into his wheelbarrow and disappears into the night.

Turlock Police are hoping somebody recognizes the Butt Crack Bandit, whether by his face or his vertical smile, and can help bring him to justice.

This story originally appeared on CBS Sacramento on June 6, 2016.