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Nintendo is rightfully freaking out over kids’ eyes and the 3DS

January 6, 2011

Shock of all shocks, Nintendo is freaking out too much about the 3-D display for its 3DS, which launches this Spring.

In case you missed it, just before New Year’s Nintendo echoed its previous warnings about kids under the age of 6 using the 3DS. The company is concerned about it affecting the development of children’s eyes.

The New York Times relayed the thoughts of pediatric ophthalmologists, which can be summed up in one image

But personally I don’t blame Nintendo for being as freaked out as it is over this issue. It wasn’t long ago that idiots who couldn’t hold onto a Wii remote were griping about their broken TVs. Nintendo diffused those worries by emphasizing the use of its wrist strap and adding the Wii Condom in all remote packages.

In this case, it’s small children’s eyes. The furor that would arise if Nintendo didn’t issue the warnings it did and a kid went blind would be much worse than a couple of broken TVs.

Broken TVs you can just blame on an idiot.

Blind kids? A little harder to shake off.