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iCan haz iPhone? Yep

June 28, 2010

A funny thing happens when you wait in line forever and eventually get your phone. You end up too tired to remember to write about it.

So what you missed at the end of Thursday’s drama was me finally getting my phone after 16 hours. Waaaaay too long to wait for anything. And as my girlfriend pointed out the next day, her brother-in-law got his phone in 20 minutes at Walmart.

I’ve taken the weekend with the iPhone 4 so far sans case. I laughed off the antenna issue it’s been having since I thought it only applied to left-handed people. For those who haven’t heard, the antennas (antennae?) use the band around the phone as an amplifier. That’s great until you hold it in a way that bridges the gaps on the bottom of the phone. Then you can kiss your reception goodbye.

Like I said though, I thought this was a lefty issue. Then I realized when I’m trying to surf the web or write long messages like blog posts, I tend to hold it in my left hand and type with my right. Oops.

Aside from that though I’ve seen nothing but good out of this phone. Before you read this though, realize I’m upgrading from a 3G to this one so I skipped last year’s 3GS. The differences I notice are magnified.

The phone itself runs much more snappily. As I type, the letters actually keep up with my speed. My 3G had significant lag, especially with text messages. This means I can actually write posts from this *gasp*!

Unlike the 3G, I can actually use the camera on this phone. The shutter lag is completely gone and when I tap to adjust the focus, the settings change almost instantly. I’m not impressed with the magical illuminator thing they’re not calling a flash but actually is a flash. But then again I hate using my normal camera’s flash anyways. I’ll include a couple of samples with this post.

The speed difference for me overall is significant. Take for instance the game Peggle – which if you haven’t played, stop reading and find it. It’s on the iPhone, Mac, PC, Steam, xbox,etc. so there’s no reason you haven’t played it. Ok end of diversion – which begins on my 3G with a 10-second loading screen that plays a tune whose name eludes me. On my iPhone 4, I’m three notes into the song and it’s loaded.

I’m also impressed with the fact I’ve had this phone for three days and it’s shown no smudges or scratches. The fingerprints tend to disappear quickly. And it’s not been because I always wash my hands. Well, I wash my hands, but I’ve let half the office practically fondle the thing so it’s been somewhat stress tested. No drop tests yet though. This thing came out of my own wallet so if you want to know how durable it is, either wait for my clumsiness or do it yourself. But before you do, buy me an iPad since you’re Rich Uncle Moneybags.

The last thing I can think of was the upgrade which was a snap. Make sure to make a backup of your old phone first though. From there it’s just a matter of plugging it in and telling it to restore. The longest wait will be for your music and movies to transfer. All your saved game progress should transfer too. The only thing that doesn’t will be any passwords you have stored.

Whether or not you upgrade is up to you. Personally it wasn’t worth the 16-hour wait in line, but that’s because nothing is. However if you have to wait an hour or so and have money, you’re solid. is offering me $83 on my functioning 8GB iPhone 3G and $94 with the transfer cord and charger plug. Frankly I think only $11 isn’t worth it, and you’re better off just holding onto the charger.

It’s still on AT&T, but outside of one gap on my commute, it’s not an issue for me. Verizon for some reason won’t work in my house.

It’s a bigger upgrade than from the 3G to a 3GS, so I’d recommend it if you’re in the market for a phone. Speaking of which, check with AT&T if you bought your phone before this year as you’re likely eligible for an upgrade.