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February 10, 2010

It’s another quiet day today at Macworld as I type this on a wide-open Moscone Center floor. Well, on a couch, not the floor. But it’s still empty. That is of course because No. 1 I’m in the conference hall where only conference training is going on and No. 2, the actual expo hasn’t started yet.

I just got done talking with a spokesperson for Macworld who told me the biggest thing about today is letting the media members know that they might want to hold off on the “Macworld is down” story line until tomorrow.

For those of you not familiar, the event has two separate sections: The conference and the expo.

The conference kicked off yesterday with two-day training sessions in everything from video editing to Photoshop to network administration. It continues through the week with Users Conferences and Creative Safaris.

The expo is the event most people attend and was the one thought to be the most affected by Apple’s non-presence here. The show floor isn’t open until tomorrow and today is mainly people popping in either to register in person or picking up their badges early.

While IDG – the company responsible for putting on Macworld – is worried about word getting out calling this year’s event a disappointment before it’s even started, it should have had the foresight to do a better job of specifying the dates for the conference and the expo this year to avoid confusion. Not only did this year’s event move back a month on the calendar, it also moved back a day to take advantage of having the floor open on Saturday. While the conference can be a significant revenue generator, the expo is where you pick up the crowds and that’s what vendors are after. It’s a symbiotic relationship.