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iPad prediction results

January 27, 2010

Alright, I let my predictions loose at 11 p.m. last night and haven’t changed them since, so let’s see how badly I failed:

1) There will be a tablet.
Yes, I got this one right, it was a no-brainer.

2) It will run on iPhone OS 3.2, which will be announced tomorrow and made available sometime in March.
Again, another sort-of no brainer the closer you got to the event, however it still remains to be seen when the actual OS would be made available. In hindsight March would be a little soon and since Apple said the 3G version won’t be available until April, well we’ll wait and see on the last part.

3) The tablet won’t be available at the time of the event, but it will be available around the same time as the iPhone update. Look for something akin to the 3.0 release where the software was out two days before the iPhone 3GS hit the market.
Another one I’m not sure about. Yes it wasn’t available today, but no announcements were made about the actual software release date. Another wait and see.

4) iLife 10 will be out with a significant update to Garageband
100 percent wrong. There we go, that’s more like my usual predictions

5) The mystical tablet will not be referred to as a tablet during the presentation. Apple will treat this like a new space and will not trod on the past ground.
This would require me sitting down with a pen and paper and going through the entire presentation searching for that word, but in the pieces I’ve seen, it was strictly referred to as a device between the iPhone and Mac and then as the iPad when it was introduced. I’m going to give myself this one.

Sounds pretty simple so far right? Well how about this one:

6) Remember back in 2008 in the year of our Lord when Apple filed a patent that seemed a little odd? The docking station for a computer? That was made for this tablet.
OK I got a little too excited about that one, but that’s one I hadn’t seen anywhere else, but damn it feels good to be right. Granted it’s an accessory, but this one I nailed.

7) It’ll run about $800 with the station.
No price on the docking station, but with the variety of flavors there will be a combination of the two that will add up to $800. The $499 starting price by itself was not something I expected though.

I’ll have another post with my thoughts on it later. Join the conversation on Twitter by dropping me a message @penlinks