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What does Google think I should do?

January 13, 2010

When I stumbled on this post describing how to tell what men and women are thinking through Google’s suggested searches, it occurred to me that I need to share some of my discoveries with the world:

Why does:
it rain
hurt when I pee
it hurt when you lose your virginity
burn when I pee
does it snow
does it always rain on me lyrics

Why do I:
fart so much
sweat do much
have no friends
feel tired all the time
have green poop
love you

When should:
I take a pregnancy test
you take a pregnancy test
I feel my baby move
a baby roll over
I refinance my mortgage
you have a baby shower
I take creatine
a baby crawl
I start taking prenatal vitamins

How can we:
stop global warming
prevent global warming
be lovers lyrics
stop global warming
help the environment
see through the interstellar medium
stop pollution
sleep when our beds are burning
conserve water
conserve energy

What if my:
dog eats chocolate
temperature is below 98.6
poop is green
period is late
dog ate chocolate
period is brown
ipod freezes
poop is black
baby gets swine flu
body temperature is below normal

Who can:
I sue
I run to lyrics
it be now lyrics
say where the road goes
it be now
get the h1n1 vaccine
declare war
donate blood
marry people
impeach the president