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More China with a side of robot sex

January 12, 2010

China – the country with an Internet policy to strike fear into anyone who actually wants to use the Internet – stepped up its game last week in Internet filtering.

While it wasn’t able to force manufacturers to install its Green Dam software on computers to filter out all of the nasty things like “Violence,” “Sex” and “Democracy, ” the country has gone out of its way to put new regulations in place for online games.

Whether or not the software it uses is actually legally owned is the subject of a $2.2 billion lawsuit by a California company who says its software has been pirated by the Chinese government.

Of course interestingly enough online games could become an important outlet for men in a few years as men are expected to outnumber women in the country by 24 million. Or if worse comes to worse, there’s always Roxxxy, the sexy robot with her many personalities and her snoring.