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Thoughts on an E3 gone by and Final Fantasy ranting

June 3, 2009

Project Natal grabbed headlines early on, and apparently grabbed a well-known Wii hacker for the development process. But I couldn’t quite get past the name. A fully immersive experience with a name related to small children…where have I heard this before?

Oh yeah. The anti-abortion crowd might want to look into this…

I’m personally stupidly stoked for the New Super Mario Bros Wii coming out somewhere near the holiday season. I played the original on my DS which was an amazing nostalgic experience with and updated feel and can’t wait to see what multiplayer will bring about. Disappointed to hear very little about a new Zelda though.

About Sony: PSP Go is overpriced and needs an option to convert disc-based games to be playable on the system, no PS3 slim or price drop is bad news for an expensive piece of hardware in a bad economy and Final Fantasy XIV? Really? XIII isn’t even out yet.

Speaking of Final Fantasy I’m getting more and more disappointed by Crystal Bearers for the Wii which has been promoted for four years with no results. Actually to some degree I’m just getting p.o.’d at the entire non-handheld Crystal Chronicles in general. The two Wiiware titles absolutely blew, this one is nothing like the original in terms of multiplayer support (yeah three GBAs and cables was weird, but it worked). Hell, even Ring of Fates was close to quite a few pounds of suck. Echoes of Time has been the closest to getting the formula right, unless you count the Wii version which could only host and not join games and did an odd split screen action. That one was at least on the right path.

And that’s not even the end of my rant on the series. I blew through what I thought was going to be a complete sequel to Final Fantasy IV on WiiWare, but ended up being the first part of what’ll add up to be a $37 download when all is said and done. Come on Square Enix, are you really trying to give me an aneurysm or something?