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Here we go again with some more stories

May 16, 2009

I’m shedding more and more weight this weekend. No, it’s not sweat from the heat, it’s lightening my bookmark load.

Second Life is slapping a price tag on freaky times in the online world. While businesses and furries have been obsessed with this magical land of alternate reality, I still haven’t been tempted to join. Ditching the free porn isn’t helping things either.

AT&T wants to make its 3G networks twice as fast in the near future. Of course this still won’t be enough allegedly to support Slingplayer on the iPhone.

More DRM horror stories, this one for Kindle owners.

Yesterday I brought you the oncoming apocalypse, today I bring you Apocalypse Then.

More griping about cybersecurity in Washington. Make sure your firewalls are up to date and working since our government probably won’t be able to do much in the face of a technological threat.

Plagiarism and copyright squared off in a high school debate, guess who won?

People out of shape are getting active and injured using the Wii. Stretch people!