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May 15, 2009

Like I said, my bookmarks folder hates me because I fill it so full. Time to release some pressure.

As mentioned on C3 of Friday’s Appeal-Democrat, the video game industry is down for the second straight month. Of course this is the second straight month where there was a major release last year and not one this year. Last March it was Super Smash Bros., last April it was Grand Theft Auto IV.

Elbow grease helped save the last repair mission on the Hubble Telescope. Torque limiters be damned.

An idea that could help save schools a few dollars in California by providing “open source” textbooks could run into some problems in terms of standards.

SHAZAM! It’s a lawsuit for phone companies and Apple.

Psystar and Apple are continuing their legal dance over the wondrous legislation known as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

Excited about Office 2010? I mean REALLY excited? You could get in on a preview.