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I have returned, but there will be more

January 7, 2009

Alas they needed me back here for my day job in the Yuba-Sutter area, but the Macworld writing will still go on. I have a huge stack of demos and paperwork to go through and iWork is FINALLY downloading properly for me. iTunes is being much more cooperative, which is to be expected when it’s the day after everyone and their mothers and second cousins were slamming the servers.

While I was in SF though I noticed I shut off the 3G radio on my iPhone. My connection was good until I got halfway between Sacramento and Marysville and I thought “oh well, there goes my connection” but lo and behold I pull into work and there’s the happy little blue 3G again. I almost got too spoiled by the faster cell phone connection.

By the way for those of you curious about what 3G is, it’s the third generation cell phone data network and brings faster Internet speed to mobile devices. Don’t expect cable Internet speeds out of it though, it’s DSL speed at the best. Still, it’s better than nothing.