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January 6, 2009

Voila all in all is a pretty solid paint application that is a great alternative to trying to fiddle with Photoshop.

For presentations that can pop, Global Delight has a solution which can fit most budgets. It makes quick work of grabbing screenshots for instructions like so

Or maybe add a few descriptions to a photo.

For this week the company is offering it for 25 percent off and frankly, this might be the only price I pick it up at. It’s a strong v1 product, but it’s lacking in some elements of customizability.

Of course as far as presentations or design work goes, I don’t do much that would require something like this, so perhaps someone who does would get more use out of it.

One word of advice for the Global Delight: Make the speech balloons able to go upside down. You’d be surprised what a little horizontal flip could do.