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The predictions

January 5, 2009

And now the long awaited predictions post where I finally predict what’s going to happen tomorrow during the Keynote.

1) Expect to hear about Snow Leopard and see it released by the end of the month.

2) New Mac Minis. I’d expect them to have the same size as they have now, but with a unibody design, much like the Macbooks went to a few months ago. This line has been badly in need of a revamp and now is the time to do it with Snow Leopard on the way. The new operating system is expected to streamline many things the current operating system does. That bump in efficiency will make it perfect for these new Mac Minis.

3) Expect some buzz around Apple TV. Though it hasn’t taken off like the iPhone or the iPod, Apple’s “hobby” device seems to be poised for an update.