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Jail for multi-DUI offender

September 14, 2007

A Gridley man pleaded guilty to three counts of driving under the influence after he was arrested eight times in the past three months, a prosecutor said Thursday.

Daljit Singh, 34, will serve 120 days in jail and five years of probation after his plea on Tuesday. In addition, he was also ordered to stay away from alcohol and his mother for at least the duration of his probation and had his license suspended for three years, said Deputy District Attorney Mike Sanderson.

If he only pleaded to one DUI charge, Singh would have spent 48 hours in jail and two would bring it up to 14 days. The third charge was the important one, Sanderson said.

“We’re pleased he pleaded to all three counts,” he said. “He’ll be off the road for awhile and if he does it again, it’s a felony.”

Singh has kept Gridley-Biggs police busy since his June 11 arrest on suspicion of elder abuse. In the next week he was arrested three times. One was his first DUI, while the others were for suspicion of violating a court order by going to his mother’s home on two separate occasions.

His next arrest came July 23 after failing to appear in court for his elder abuse charge. Five days later he was arrested for his second DUI with a blood alcohol level of .20. One caller reported that he almost collided with a school bus, police said.

Aug. 23 brought arrest No. 7 after Singh again failed to appear in court. Finally he was arrested for his third DUI a week later.

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